What we do

``We help protect people from storms.``

At Storm Struck we know first hand just how devestating it can be to get hit by a storm and lose your worldy possessions or even worse, a loved one.

We are very good at storm proofing homes and every single home that we have ever storm proofed has gone on to survive the next storm and the one after that!

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What Our Customers Say

Here are some of our testimonials.

There was a really bad storm yesterday and our home survived. Unfortunately out neighbors house got damaged but whe have passed on Storm Strucks details to them.


Storm Struck have worked tirelessly over the last couple of weeks to protect our new home from any future storms. We feel much safer now.

Mike Smith

We used Storm Struck last year and they did a great job at stormproofing our house. We have since survived 2 very nasty storms that would have torn our old house to bits!


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